Tutorial Started by D. Semikin

WARNING: This page is under development. Content in this page can change significantly or possibly it can be split/moved to other pages and the name of this page may change Please have this in mind if you create links to this page or subpages (either from this site or from other resources).

NOTE: As I'm not a native speaker, the language may be not so good, so do not hesitate to make it better. Besides, of course any comments/propositions/imprevements are welcome.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee, that I will continue this work until it is done (at least in some sense). Possibly already tomorrow I will decide, that I will not continue it… So, do not wait too much from it.

About This Page

Not so long ago I (Dmitry Semikin) started to learn OpenCASCADE. And although, OpenCASCADE has extensive documentation (both: pdf documents by topic and doxygen API reference documentation), but for some reason for me it was not that easy to start. One of the things, which wondered me is the lack of public community. This site was the only "public" resource. And it looks like it is not quite actively developed.

Anyway, as I am learning I decided that I want to do some notes about my learning for my self. But then I decided, that these notes may be useful for others too. Besides, I think, that the best time to write any tutorial is when you learn yourself, because this time you perfectly sure, which topics are not easily understandable.

As I do not have much time to write well organized tutorial of any kind, so I decided just to write kind of log of my learning. I will start from building of OpenCASCADE and proceed to learning of the libraries themselves. I think, I will post either some examples.

About tutorial's name

I could not decide about the name for this tutorial for some time. Finally I get to the idea, that when some tutorial is referenced in the web it is usually referenced by the name of the author. But I hope, that this tutorial will be developed not only by me, so dedication in the name of this tutorial only relates to the fact, that I start this tutorial, but not claim, that I'm the only author.

Tutorial Topics