(Started by Roman Lygin on 11/24/01. Feel free to comment, extend, edit)

Prioritized ideas for developing this wiki. Priorities can often be subjective. Let's start small and grow over time.

P1 (the highest priority, most important):

  • FAQ (link to OCC FAQ + most frequently met technical issues - from build to usage)
  • Projects using OCC (both free and commercial). Idea is to show when/how OCC can be used for. OCC company is (understandably) jealous to post commercials on .org but that can undervalue the platform and jeopardize its success.

P2 (medium priority):

  • Forum which can support attachments and images embedding. Risk of alternative to's forum but the latter is not developed, so perhaps a new forum is worth trying.
  • File hosting (uploading patches, etc).

P3 (the lowest priority, least important):

  • Structure list of links to other relevant resources (educational, technical, …).