There is no central public repository (svn, git, etc) where external developers could commit their patches to. The Open CASCADE team explains the reasons for that in the FAQ. The Open CASCADE team may integrate fixes into future versions at own discretion; moreover it is highly desired that the updates are integrated to avoid OCC forking.

Patches are sorted on this page for respective baseline OCC versions. Click 'Files' button in the bottom-right corner of this page to see all attachments.


If you want to upload patches to this page, please upload them under respective baseline OCC version (e.g. 6.3), create a zip package, include readme describing the problem the patch is aimed to solve. Indicate authorship on this page.
Apply your best effort to provide a patch over entire original source tree. For instance, if you modify the header file then modify both original .cdl file (if applies) and .hxx file. If you modify a .vcproj file for Visual Studio 2008 32 bit then modify files for other flavors of Visual Studio (e.g. 2005, 2010, 32 and 64 bits) and automake files. Apply reasonable efforts to test your modifications.
All this will ease review and integration.

Patches for 6.3.1:

Patches stemming from CAD Exchanger.

Every update accumulates all previous ones. To apply the update you should install it over the baseline version or any previous update. The update has been tested on Windows, Linux and Mac as part of the unit tests of CAD Exchanger. If you use another baseline version (e.g. 6.3) you might need extra efforts to back-port fixes. For details about each fix consult the readme file inside the archive.

Patches for 6.5.0:

Patches stemming from CAD Exchanger.

The same conventions, as mentioned for 6.3.1 above, apply.

Open CASCADE Community Edition (OCE) Git Repository

Thomas Paviot opened a git rep at in March 2011, where possibly patches can be shared in the future. See the forum thread announcing that.