FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Open CASCADE already provides an official FAQ. You can find it here.


Open CASCADE is licensed under the Open CASCADE Public License, which permits access to source code of publicly released versions of the library as well as the free use of the library even in commercial projects - comparable with but subtly differing from the LGPL license. The respective wikipedia article contains further information.

Platform-specific notes

How to build on {64 bit, MacOS, …} platform ?

See Building Open CASCADE.

Memory management

OCC does not free memory. Is that a leak or what ?

(explain some details about memory manager, MMGT_OPT=1 vs =0 vs =2 as of 6.4. How to find real leaks - Intel Parallel Inspector, Valgrind. Standard::Purge() for enforced freeing)

Unclassified yet:

What's the difference between geometry and topology ?

You can find a detailed explanation of the difference in Roman's articles about topology. Here's a list of links.