Building Open CASCADE

For general instructions please refer to documentation included into Open CASCADE. This page contains only specific instructions, for instance, about building on unsupported platforms, or details of some specific issues.

Building 3rd party libraries

Open CASCADE has a number of prerequisites, 3rd party libraries and tools, that it uses for functionality and demo purposes. Refer to Building 3rd party libraries and tools for details.

Building on 64 bit platforms

(to be double-checked and amended if needed)

OCC uses the _OCC64 macro (introduced in 6.3.x) to distinguish 64 bit specific parts. If undefined by the user, the macro gets defined in Standard_Macro.hxx for some supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris) and/or compilers (e.g. gcc):

// Define _OCC64 variable (unless already defined) if platform is known to be 64-bit
#ifndef _OCC64
#if defined (__alpha) || defined(DECOSF1) || defined(_WIN64) || defined(__amd64) || defined(__x86_64)
#define _OCC64 1

For Debian users

opencascade is already in current stable

For Fedora users

there is repo:
builds in this repo are based on rules of debian packages for opencascade, any contribution are welcome

Building on MacOS

Some clean and assured guidelines will be most preferred. So experts are welcome!
(add links to Roman's blog, to OCC forum threads)

See also

See also - the project that thoroughly documents preprocessor definitions for platforms, compilers, OSes, etc.