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Open CASCADE* is a geometry library, released under the "Open CASCADE Technology Public License". Though very sophisticated in design and depth, there's no effective knowledge exchange platform yet (at least none that I know of). You can find infos in blogs, the official user guides and the official Open CASCADE forum, but the latter is rather inhibiting in its abilities. So this is a first attempt to collaboratively collect knowledge (theoretical background as well as technical stuff) about the library.

Please feel free to register and add content about whatever knowledge you might want to share concerning Open CASCADE, its usage and architecture.


This wiki does not have affiliation with OPEN CASCADE S.A.S.


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Open Cascade Community Edition Initiative

Thomas Paviot has recently initiated a new approach for a community-based enhancement process of Open CASCADE, based on a github.com repository containing a copy of Open CASCADE 6.5.0. He made an announcement in the official forum and Roman Lygin has commented on this idea on his blog. There's a google group avaible for the iniative, where the initiative and technical issues is discussed.

Getting Started With Open CASCADE

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Using Open CASCADE

*Open CASCADE is a registered trademark of Open CASCADE S.A.S.